Setting up groups and email for on-boarding journeys

In this Tutorial, we show you how to install the 3 applications needed and add a group for the on-boarding journey.
The final step to this tutorial is, showing you how to setup a group email and the required setting to create a password for new users.

Setting up onboarding journey builder with email content

Kademi's tutorial explains how to build an onboarding journey with all the correct journey builder nodes, settings and how to link each node.
How to setup the emails in the journey builder and what is the purpose of them

Setting up terms and conditions page and
initializing the K-confirm details app

In this Tutorial, we explain the process of the registration form and how to ​setup all the settings.
How to create a term and conditions page and use the URL page to load into the K-confirm details application settings


Testing your onboarding journey

In this tutorial, we show you how to test your onboarding journey, check that the group emails are working and the journey reminder emails are being sent.
Test if the password and registration form is working and if the users have been automatically added to the correct groups.



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